Yoga and Grief: A Compassionate Journey Toward Healing

A book by Gloria Drayer and Kathleen Doherty

In this book the bereaved will find tools to help in the grieving process. It employs personal example and a gentle approach to yoga, meditation and breathing techniques. The content does not rely on yoga-specific language and therefore has a more universal appeal. There is an emphasis on the body-mind connection and the techniques are available to anyone regardless of previous experience. The reader can pick and choose which chapters/techniques work for them. There is an emphasis on positive self-care regardless of where the reader may be in the continuum of grief.

Private Yoga Classes


Yoga and Grief

Workshops on yoga and grief can be arranged if enough people are interested. Click here to see the upcoming classes. This is a holistic approach to healing designed for those who are going through the process of grief. These postures consist of a gentle yoga practice that encompasses postures that support the body and spirit during […]