Testimonials and Feedback from Yoga Students

“I have practiced yoga for almost twenty years. The last several years I had the privilege to be in classes taught in Albuquerque,NM, by Gloria Drayer. In early August I had a total left knee replacement. I discover while still in the hospital that by being conscience of my breathing I could better tolerate the pain. The first two weeks at home a visiting physical therapist came to my apartment 3 times a week. She seemed amazed that I was able to flatten my knee to zero degrees as well as bend it 116 degrees just days after the surgery.  I have continued with our patient physical therapy and was “graduated” after only 7 weeks meeting and even exceeding my goals. This was due to being able to use techniques I’d learned in my yoga practice. All my thanks to Gloria for her gentle style that encourages the best from each student. I was able to speed my recovery from knee replacement because of Gloria.”
Namaste with blessings, Dawn Lunt     Fall 2015

“I remember when I first found Gloria years ago. I had not done yoga since I was in college and I was amazed to see women much older than I doing wonderful things with their bodies. This encouraged me and gave me confidence that I could begin a practice.

Gloria is so encouraging and gentle while also providing challenge. She taught me many modifications so that I always feel safe in her classes, knowing I will not injure myself. A few years ago I went to Costa Rica with her in a group and it was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken. She’s well organized but also laid back. It was held in a remote area in a rain forest – absolutely beautiful and peaceful.

Gloria offers her classes with kindness and warmth, and approaches yoga in a completely non-judgmental way. I’m so grateful I found her. I highly recommend Gloria, and her classes and trips.” Ellen L. (via Yelp!) March 2014

“I just got back from the most amazing trip to Nepal, a yoga retreat with Gloria from Yoga Simple and Sacred. I have done a number of trips with her, and this one tops them all! They just keep getting better and better. We visited historic and spiritual (not to mention shopping!) sites in the Kathmandu valley and Pokhara; trekked up into Annapurna Conservation Area; rode elephants, dugout canoes, and went birdwatching in Chitwan National Park; danced traditional folk dances with our trekking guides; and learned a tremendous amount about history, culture, and religion with Binaya – our wonderful, knowledgeable, patient, and helpful guide; all the while practicing yoga in the most fantastic settings imaginable. I highly recommend Gloria’s yoga retreats – be it a weekend in the mountains of New Mexico or Utah, or an international trip. You’ll never regret it! And of course her classes are great, too – I go twice a week.” ~ JSB_and_B2 (via Tripadvisor) March 2014

“I just returned from a weekend yoga retreat in Jemez Springs, New Mexico with Gloria. Although I have practiced yoga for the last 20 years, this was my first retreat, but certainly not my last! Gloria has a true gift in teaching both the physical practice of yoga as well as the spiritual. I returned from the weekend refreshed, rejuvenated, and inspired. In addition to the relaxing yoga sessions, all the aspects of the retreat were handled extremely well. The place was wonderful, the food was great, there was a nice balance of free time and scheduled activities. My only wish is that I would have discovered this long ago! I highly recommend Gloria’s retreat to everyone.” ~ Ramey E. (via Google+, Yelp! & Tripadvisor) Jan 2014

“I have done several retreats with Yoga Simple and Sacred Through the years. Local retreats in New Mexico were my first experience, but I also joined a yoga retreat to Costa Rica in 2005 and a retreat to Tuscany, Italy in 2009. Gloria will make sure you have a great yoga experience and also experience the beauty of any location you travel to. I continue to enjoy doing local solstice events and other yoga classes with her in ABQ.” ~ Jaguarbeth (via TripAdvisor) 2013

“WOW! What an INCREDIBLE retreat! We did yoga twice a day and hiked in gorgeous Zion and Bryce National Parks! Gloria is an incredible, intuitive, and compassionate yoga teacher! Any level of yoga student will love Gloria’s style of instruction. We stayed in a gorgeous home with plenty of space for yoga, star gazing, hot tubing, visiting and relaxing! Sharon was our amazing chef and expert guide with Southwestadventureguide.com. I highly recommend any retreats with Gloria or southwestadventureguide.com!” ~ Kelly R. (via TripAdvisor) 2013

“Gloria’s calm and grounded approach to the reteat made for one of my most memorable trips. She brought together a group of people from all different walks of life which was one of the greatest gifts of the trip. It gave us the gift to learn from one another.” ~ Christine L. (via TripAdvisor) 2013

“My wife and I wanted to go some where special for our 25th wedding anniversary when one of our friends mentioned that they were going to India with their Yoga Instructor (Gloria). We checked out her web site, yogasimpleandsacred.com, went to one of her yoga classed, and went to India. It was the best choice we could have made. The trip was incredible! We truly were able to experience Southern India and yet stay in ecco friendly 5 star hotels. Gloria led us in mediation and yoga every day. The tour guide, Sanjay, was incredibly knowledgeable, took us to Temples, through cities and villages, to homes (including diner at his house) and helped us understand the rich culture, religions, and history of India.
It was a trip of a life time.” ~ Scott H. (via Tripadvisor) 2013

“I signed up for Gloria’s trip on a whim (I met her for the first time on the flight to India) and cannot believe how lucky I got. Our 14 day adventure turned into a life-changing experience as we explored the southeastern regions of India, lead by local tour guide Sanjay, one of the most charismatic and knowledgable people I’ve ever met. Gloria started off each day with yoga from our hotel, and then we loaded onto a confortable (air-conditioned) bus to see Hindu temples, two schools, exotic cultural events, local markets, magnificent architecture, high (and low) end merchants, a textile factory…just to name a few. We stayed in gorgeous resorts, some of which featured Ayurvedic massage treatments and elephant rides. Although the preparation and planning of the trip were well done, Gloria’s real talents are in her ability to nurture a group of strangers into becoming lifelong friends. This was an incredible trip and I’d recommend Gloria’s tours to anyone.” ~ Kate V. (via Tripadvisor) 2013

“I’ve taken yoga with Gloria off and on for 10 years- I’ve tried others but keep coming back. While other studios have their strengths Gloria’s experience and compassion guide her students to gently challenge their practice. I’ve had various injuries and her mindfulness and knowledge has helped me to gain strength and flexibility.” ~ Hengold12 (via Tripadvisor) 2013

“Gloria Drayer’s yoga, meditation, and leadership combined with Magical Journey’s organizational prowess, and Sanjay’s guide through Indian history, culture, myths, and shopping to make this an outstandingly satisfying, and even inspiring, adventure. We landed in Chennai and toured all the way to Cochin.

The art, architecture, culture, industriousness, vibrancy, and scenery were amazing. However, as a scientist travelling in India for the first time, the day-to-day spirituality of the people made the biggest impression. The number of shrines and temples–both majestic and simple–and the quiet reverence for spirit and life (we never saw anger or hostility, even in the slums) supports what I had heard: India was a advanced spiritually as the West is advanced technologically.

The temples were places of living–not just places of worshiping. The brief stop-and-go prayers of people passing a shrine or proudly bringing their 3 year old for his head shaving ceremony showed a people in touch with themselves and with spirit in ways rarely seen in the West.

The people were always open and helpful. When I accidentally knocked my smart phone out of my hand and into a nine-foot deep lagoon of muddy water, local men calmly conversed and sorted out a course of action without consulting me or our guide. One man was identified, pulled off his shirt, and dove into the water. On his second dive he surfaced with my phone and quietly presented it to me, without apparent expectation of reward. No bargaining, just grace. I rewarded him anyway.

The people moved with grace and charm. Even the traffic is a dance as buses, cars, tuk-tuks, motorbikes, and bicycles weaved in and through the nearly-red-light-free traffic system of Chennai. It was as if they could her the music and move with the rhythm. I was amazed.

Gloria’s optional daily yoga and mediation let me have a personal adventure with what makes India so different. The sights, the wonderful food, the pleasant ambiance of our hotels (carefully chosen to ensure no one got sick), and the quality conversations with the other people in our group rounded out the experience.

Finally, the most severe test of a tour is the response to unexpected events. There was a very unusual, two-day, all-India strike called during our visit and people were warned to not travel during those two days. The newspapers alerted people to possible violence–which seemed hard to believe after witnessing no anger anywhere in our travels so far. Nevertheless, we took ti seriously. Compliance would have left us without accommodation. Our guide consulted with his network of friends to understand the situation and organized a very early morning convoy and escape to the next destination before the enforcers could get well organized. It worked. As we read about the disruption and violence in the newspapers over the next two days, we were very appreciative of our guide and his team.

It was a great adventure. I look forward to travelling with Gloria and her choices again.” ~ Pacevan (via Tripadvisor) 2013
“Gloria is a wonderful teacher – patient, kind, calming and very aware that some students have limitations. Not only are my muscles stretched and lengthened during her yoga classes, my body is also strengthened in the poses. She always presents modifications if you just cannot get fully into the pose that day. As a massage therapist, Gloria’s yoga classes are imperative to keep me loose and pain free.” ~Amy Z. (via Yelp!) 2013

“Gloria Drayer’s yoga classes always leave me feeling refreshed and calm. She is great with both beginners and more advanced students. In each pose she offers options to go further and deeper. She’s very welcoming of all body types and interested in each student’s particular concerns. At the same time, she lets you do what you want and offers corrections only when they are obviously needed.” Mark H. (via Yelp!) 2012

“I searched the web for everything Yoga in Albuquerque and felt like I had finally found the right combination of expertise, traditional yogic teachings, and a practice that focused on individual process when I found Yoga Simple and Sacred. I’m not interested in tying my body into a pretzel nor showing off designer pants. I am interested in gentle discipline and restoration. It’s a match! Our teacher, Gloria Dryer, asked that I set an intention for my experience in her classes. I said: Balance, Strength and Peace, and that has been my experience working with her. As a male in my 60s I come away with a feeling that I’m participating in my own health plan. I enjoy the non-invasive and yet viable community of support that is created there.” ~ Stewart W. (via Google+) 2013

“I look forward to each Yoga class with Gloria! At 69, I’m doing poses I never thought possible and with good form!! Every person in the class is encouraged to work in their own comfort zone and be mindful of their bodies, breathing and to get the most out of the class, both spiritually and physically. We also have a genuinely good time with some good humor and the knowledge that there is no competition among students in the class, just a desire to do our personal best and improve with each practice. I’m stronger, more flexible and most importantly to me, improving upon my balance. Also, I have come to greatly appreciate the value of personal meditation on those days when stress and worry seem to interfere with the miracle of “just being alive in the here and now”. Gloria thanks so much for being a great instructor and a valued friend.” Linda K. (via Google+) 2013

“Practicing yoga is the best thing I have done for my health – physical and emotional. I have attended Gloria’s classes for over ten years. She addresses each individual’s issues and leads the classes with compassion and intuition. She also leads workshops and retreats that are well-organized, interesting, and consciousness raising. I highly recommend her classes.” ~ Sue H. (via Google+) 2013

“I have done several retreats with Gloria Drayer, Yoga Simple and Sacred. Gloria is a wonderful compassionate and devoted Yoga instructor. Her classes are the best and can accommodate beginners to those who have practiced a lifetime. We stay in wonderful hotels, B&B’s, retreat centers. I have traveled with Gloria to Peru, Costa Rica, Bali and most recently to Zion and Bryce National Parks. I can’t wait to see where I go next! Most days include yoga morning and evening – with time for mediation, relaxation, quiet – a wonderful way to begin and end a day of hiking, exploring or relaxing on a beach or mountainside. She hires excellent guides. Meeting new friends and often meeting others again is a gift of these retreats.” ~ Molly S. (via TripAdvisor) 2013

“I just returned from 15 days in India with Gloria (Yoga Simple and Sacred). I can say the trip was planned meticulously, and the plans were executed with charm and grace. Even the unplanned events were fun because of the guide she arranged for us. Gloria set the tone for the trip early on by encouraging us to pay attention to ourselves and take down time if we needed it. Group dynamics (especially when travelling) can be difficult, but Gloria brought us together with her generosity and kindness. The experiences we shared in India will stay with me for life.” ~ nmsewell55 (via TripAdvisor) 2013

The journey through Southern India with a like-minded group interested in meditation and yoga created such a soulful experience. My heart is fuller for participating with these people. Gloria creates an accepting space for all members of the group, allowing each person a fulfilling experience in Yoga and in experiencing the tour.” ~ LMc505 (via TripAdvisor) 2013

“Gloria is wonderful! I’ve tried many other yoga teachers and keep coming back to her. She shows you how to adjust to your own needs, body, and capabilities. Although I’ve been taking yoga for many years, I still like to come to her beginning class because I can focus, deepen poses, and get everything out of it I desire. Her classes are not for those who are competitive and want to push themselves beyond their limits. Everyone else will love Gloria’s classes. Do yourself a favor and give it a try, even if you’ve never tried yoga before. Oh – and her trips and workshops are fantastic – whether for an afternoon, a weekend getaway, or a 2-week international trip to an exotic destination!” ~ JSB_and_B2 (2 reviews, via TripAdvisor) 2013

“The best thing about Gloria’s yoga classes is Gloria herself! She is compassionate, centered, peace-filled, wise and knowledgeable. She explains poses clearly and gives lots of options for modifying them to fit your body’s individual needs. She always asks if anyone has a special request before class. She is clearly there to serve and to help. I always feel peaceful and refreshed after her class. Yoga with Gloria has done wonders for my physical and emotional health!” ~ Judy T. (via TripAdvisor) 2013

Gloria is so gentle with you if that’s what you need and I did. I was physically exhausted and now I’m up and going daily. She commented my last class that my poses are strong. Wow. My massage therapist says she can feel the difference in my muscle tone. I always leave soothed. I’ve actually graduated to a intermediate class and I can hold a plank!!!! Thanks Gloria.” ~ Carol C. (via TripAdvisor) 2012

“If you are looking for a life changing experience check out one of Gloria’s yoga classes. I was hooked after just one class! She is an expert at tailoring the poses for your body, no matter how young or how old you are. No matter what my state or mind or body is before class, after class I am in the ‘zone.'” ~ Stella L. (via TripAdvisor) 2012

“Attending Gloria’s yoga classes and retreats are a gift to yourself. Gloria modifies poses for an individual’s limitations or ability to try more challenging poses. Gloria is a compassionate and intuitive teacher. I have attended her classes for over ten years and always leave class with an overall sense of well-being.” ~ 909Sue (via TripAdvisor) 2012

“I highly recommend this yoga class for all skill levels. Gloria is an excellent yoga instructor, her years of experience are evident in every class. She works with beginners but also challenges those with more yoga experience. I truly enjoy her class!” ~ Ginny B (via TripAdvisor) 2012

“I went on Gloria’s yoga/hiking retreat to Moab, Utah. The trip was magical! We had a wonderful location for yoga twice a day and we also explored Arches National Park and Canyonlands. We enjoyed delicious, gourmet meals in our adorable cottage(s) and on our hikes. We did an evening hike to Delicate Arch, watched the sunset and the moon rise. Under the full moon, we drank tea and had a picnic! Gloria and her sister, Sharon, were fabulous! I highly recommend any of Gloria’s retreats and all of her yoga classes. I have also been on Gloria’s Jemez Springs yoga retreat and White Sands National Monument Full Moon yoga retreat. I also highly recommend Sharon at southwestadventureguide.com.” ~ Kelly R. (via TripAdvisor) 2012

“Gloria’s mixed yoga class is indeed, tailored for all levels. What I like most about the class is there is no pressure to do any moves beyond your desire or ability. For me, the class is primarily part of my stretching and balance program. Gloria has a loyal following but welcomes new comers and incorporates everyone’s needs into this class.” ~ Lynn A. (via TripAdvisor) 2012

“I wanted to send you a note, thanking you for helping me get my active life back after I had my knee reconstructed (ACL implant). After being ordered not to engage in any exercise not done on the floor for 12 weeks, I knew yoga was the answer. Week one, I made a plan and decided as soon as I was allowed to drive, I would meet with you one-on-one and create adaptations for most of the poses we practice in class. With your patience and kindness, we figured out I would set up next to the wall and have a chair handy for support. I was able to attend twice a week and fluidly move through a whole class, using props and changes as needed. Your consideration was evident when you would warn me ahead of time of a pose that might need to be tweaked.

Thanks to you and the yoga classes, instead of beginning at 12 weeks to begin to build onto the floor exercises to increase my strength, range of motion and endurance , I was able to go right into moderate hiking, riding my bike and working in the mountains after only 10 weeks. I also was able to build with Habitat for Humanity in China at 12 weeks.

I can’t express how grateful I am for your willingness to work with me and allow me to continue my yoga practice. The combination of pain, inactivity, being home-bound and inside for long stretches of time can be a very dark place. Looking forward to and engaged in yogof a kept me positive, active, hopeful and among my supportive yoga buddies.

Yoga = healing!!!

In gratitude, with all the blessings I can send your way,

Linda M”

“I have been doing yoga for over 20 years. Several years ago I decided that “my routine (done at home) had become a little too routine” so I shopped around for a yoga instructor; colleagues told me about Gloria Drayer and Yoga Simple & Sacred. I figured I’d go to her for a month or two just to get my practice back on track. Well, that was over 6 years ago and I have been a weekly participant in Gloria’s classes ever since! Gloria is an amazing instructor. Unlike some “killer yoga instructors” who seem bent on pushing people beyond what is safe or healthy for a given individual, Gloria works with her students exactly where they are at. She offers modifications for the postures if the student is newer to yoga (or has injuries to accommodate) and advises more advanced students what they can do to deepen their experience. The words gentle, knowledgable, caring, and mindful capture only a few of the qualities Gloria possesses. She reminds us to be present “on our mat” during the session as well as to take the benefits of the practice “off of our mat” and into the world. What can I say? She’s the best!” ~ Jan M., Albuquerque

“I knew I was in an excellent yoga class when the instructor’s clear and simple instructions managed to coax my body into poses I didn’t think I was capable of. The class works for all levels, with modifications suggested for each pose. Taught in a friendly, welcoming environment with plenty of space. I can’t wait to go back!” ~ Christina Y. (via Google+)

“Gloria provides a complete mind/body yoga experience. She leads without judgment and includes postures at many different levels. I always leave her class feeling positive about the practice. Her yoga trips are well planned and organized. Yoga takes on new meaning with great friends and amazing venues.” Margaret B.

“Attending Gloria’s yoga classes is a gift to yourself. Gloria is a compassionate and intuitive teacher. I leave each class with a sense of well-being.” ~ Sue H.

“I have attended Gloria’s yoga classes exclusively for the past 8+ years, and have taken 3 trips which she has organized. Gloria does not simply teach a yoga class. There is an added dimension of spirituality which greatly enhances each experience. I strongly recommend her classes, from beginner to intermediate. Each student receives individual attention. I am always amazed at Gloria’s recall about who has specific physical limitations (eg, knees, shoulders) as she offers accommodations to a pose to prevent injury.” Mary Ann S.

The primary reason your business survives is because you are good at teaching, good with people, good at listening to what student’s body parts need help and immediately coming up with moves to help, good at not pushing but helping us to accept and work with our body’s limitations, etc. etc. It’s because of how you teach and who you are that makes it easy to refer people to your classes. ~ Ann
As I mentioned to you on Monday, not only am I loving yoga just for the delicious movements, but I have lost nearly 20 pounds since January of last year (2010), just about a year ago. I haven’t been dieting. I have been watching portions instead, but I do think the yoga is what my body was needing to lose some weight. Also, I have been feeling more peaceful, quiet, empathetic and spiritual. What a blessing yoga has been for me. To top it all off is your essence which is so caring and encouraging. I am deeply grateful. ~ Glo

Gloria, I only took 3 yoga classes ever before this one. I had no experience. I wasn’t sure I’d like yoga at all. I loved every single class! You are amazing. I feel so much better about addressing root causes and not just the symptoms. I am so grateful for your instruction, and your wisdom. I am, of course, telling everyone I know how amazing you are. ~ Dawn

The white sands experience leaves me speechless…. It really adds some level of spirit to my world… I look forward to it every year and really miss it when it doesn’t happen. I am thankful for you and all that you do! ~ C

Thank you Gloria. I have been using some of the techniques we learned in your Yoga for Insomnia workshop and they do seem to help me sleep more soundly. I am now trying to get my husband to do the exercises with me prior to bedtime. ~ Darley

Thank you for last night’s class. I appreciate your patient teaching style especially as it applies to my various physical limitations. ~ Peggy

Thank you so much for leading us in a wonderful yoga and meditation session. Everyone there had wonderful things to say. Such as:
“I felt like I had a massage.”
“I slept thru the whole night for the first time in months.”
“It’s Tuesday and I still feel calm.”
“I never knew how much better I would feel after one session.”

Happy Holidays and we’ll be seeing you soon. ~ Ginger G.


I had not practiced yoga for 20 years and was so grateful to find Gloria’s classes. She has very balanced approach to yoga and encourages students to genuinely care for themselves, offering a challenging edge while also supporting compassionate, personal choice in the posture variations. This was a great relief to me given that I was pretty out of shape. In less than a month, I can already tell a difference in my level of strength.

To help with correct alignment and to start a home practice, I decided to take a private class with Gloria. What a wonderful experience! After a thorough intake, she carefully crafted a program that addressed my specific needs. She guided me through the postures, gently made corrections and then drew little diagrams for me to take home, complete with breathing tips. Gloria is such a relaxed, gracious and present guide in this powerful practice. I highly recommend her and look forward to learning more. You really are an awesome teacher. Thanks for doing what you do. ~ Ellen LaPenna

Although I had a fair amount of exposure to yoga throughout my adulthood I can honestly say that my experience with Gloria has been the best in my memory. I find her to be a compassionate, knowledgeable and patient instructor. ~ Elli Elderbroom, Abq, NM

Dear Gloria and Patsy,
I want to send a personal note of appreciation to you both for the 
sensitive care and reflective beauty that you each (alone and together) 
brought to our Yoga Retreat at Ojo Caliente. It was a poignant journey 
for me… as I had hoped for, and also a time of strong healing. I was 
surprised by the returning power of my grief, and also appreciated how 
both of you were able to hold me in this sorrow without losing the 
larger center of our full group. Thank you. I admire your capacity to 
share of yourselves with great luminosity. 

It’s a powerful day today — honoring our mothers… which has made me 
want to send you a poem I love in recognition of the abiding strengths 
we all can cherish.

 ~ With joy, Lois

Namaste, Gloria:
Words cannot describe the wonderful peace, love and connections obtained in
Ojo Calente! I feel so overwhelmly fortuante to have experienced the past
weekend. I feel like it reaches such higher spiritual states…….and the
peace…and the love…..
Thank you for all your hard work, sharing of knowledge and gathering us all
at a very sacred place. I’m holding on to that Prana for as long as I
can!!! If you need me to write some kind of comprehensive thoughts about
both experiences (White Sands and OJO)
I will…………you can use it for promotional purposes…………….My 
heart and soul thank you!!! ~ Jackie Tice

Thank you, Gloria, for a most magical weekend. I learned a lot about yoga, but more about myself. It really was lovely. Amanda and I reminisced all the way home about our amazing weekend. Please pass on to Patsy how much I appreciated it. Hope to make it to one of your Sat. classes soon. ~ Namaste Tara

Dear Gloria:
Hope you all had a safe journey home and that the car trouble was solved
quickly!…I wanted to let you know that I had the best time in White
Sands!!! What a moving experience it is to see the moon and the sun come up
with all of the beautiful colors!! It was so wonderful!! You were so
generous to share your tent and I really hope it didn’t wipe you out
sleeping upright in your car!! Thank You for your kindness. I was hoping
you could pass my email on to the lady that was taking digital photographs
of our evening doing yoga. I would love to capture that moon rise and put
it on my computer! Please have her send it to jtice@rrdo.rrps.k12.nm.us
We are so looking forward to the peace and connections we will have in OJO!
See you soon. ~ NAMASTE, Jackie Tice

Hi Gloria,

 I have many wonderful memories of our trip and really appreciate everything
that you did to create such a marvelous experience for the group.
Everything has happened so fast since my return….leaving Agilent,
preparing for a new job, getting accepted into a master’s program for humane
education. I think the week in Costa Rica helped prepare me to handle the
emotional ups and downs of the last few weeks. The wish that I made on the
sacred stone was to have the courage to listen to and follow my intuition
and my heart. I’ve returned again and again to that wish when I get scared
or doubt my ability to be successful outside of the corporate environment to
remind myself that I can make this change.

I hope that the rest of your trip in Costa Rica was everything you wanted it
to be. I’ll look forward to attending one of your classes when I visit mom
in Albuquerque and perhaps another yoga week in the future!


Tanya CR 2005

 -The retreat was both cleansing and renewing… ~ Liz Hohl, Abq, NM

Gloria did an excellent job of encouraging people to stretch themselves, not in simply a physical way; she is so gentle and encouraging at the same time. ~ Abq, NM

I took my first class with Gloria at our local YMCA and as the saying goes I was hooked. I have taken lessons from her twice a week since. Although I had a fair amount of exposure to yoga through out my adulthood I can honestly say that my experience with Gloria has been the best in my memory. I find her to be a compassionate, knowledgeable and patient instructor who is apt at teaching those of any ability and skill level. I personally have recommended her as an instructor countless times and am happy to do so again. ~ Elli Elderbroom, Abq, NM

Gloria is focused on an individual’s needs, so that, although I am part of a class, I feel some of her attention is on me alone. I always leave her classes feeling refreshed. ~ Diane Holdridge

I would like to heartily recommend Ms. Gloria Drayer as an instructor of yoga, whether it is in a traditional classroom, a workshop, or a yoga retreat. Ms. Drayer has been my yoga instructor in a variety of settings and instruction levels for some four years. I have gone to great lengths to seek out her instruction. Ms. Drayer teaches as many students as she can find time to reach, and she offer[s] splendid retreats in very special settings. … She … bends of backward (no pun intended!) to accommodate the complex schedules and intrusions of her students’ lives. … Ms. Drayer’s dedication to students is inspiring. Her quality of instruction is superior. … In addition to her technical prowess and ability to build students physically, Gloria inspires spiritual and emotional growth in her yoga students through her patience, humor, kindness, and loving concern which is in abundant evidence in all of her classes. What a great person to be around! I love coming to her classes! I am able to learn and gorw here in ways I cannot do in the other settings of my day-to-day life. ~ Lyn Canham

I met Gloria almost a year ago. I could not get up from the floor let alone do meaningful exercise. I had done some yoga in the seventies, but had gained a considerable mount of weight and with that conformed to a sedentary lifestyle. my proprioseption was off. My myofascial was encasing my muscles making movement difficult. Gloria came to my house and made a video just for me. It included standing movements, sitting movements, and basic balance movements. it was such a blessing to have asana I could do until I could fit into a standard yoga class. I now start my day with the same yoga tape from Gloria…. I have more energy, I am more focused and clamer. I find the balance poses help my vertigo.

Gloria is a loving and caring teacher. She is accepting of all people. She is very aware of what props and adaptations are needed for each person. She conducts small group classes and makes sure everyone’s needs are met. I feel she is the reason I am more flexible, more able to withstand stress, both physical and psychological. My mobility and functional fitness have increased. My self esteem and ability to focus have greatly benefited from Gloria’s yoga instruction. ~ Barbara Cyzak, Abq, NM

I have benefited from the classes both physically and emotionally. perhaps the quality I admire most in Gloria’s instruction, is the gentle reminders that “yoga is not a competition” and to “listen to your body.” Without reservation, I strongly recommend Gloria as an instructor to any class or group. ~ Rebecca Viers, Laguna, NM

My wife and I have been students of hers and attended one of the full moon yoga events and it was one of the most extraordinary weekends of our lives!

With the full moon rising over the mountains to the east, and the stark white sands reflecting enough moonlight for it to look like early morning daytime the setting was mystically perfect. Gloria is a very gifted teacher and contemplative empath – and I’ve done enough Zen training and Yoga to know the difference, I believe. she’s lively and spirited and thoughtful and would make an excellent choice for your program. invite her!

Gloria – thanks for sending this along. We watched your video and it truly is extraordinary and worth a lot of attention. It meant more to Diane, of course – well, duh! but I enjoyed it and will watch it again to get more of the content. It’s nicely presented to appeal to a new market – not competing w/ Rodney Yee and all the other thousands of Yoga for bazillionaires tapes out there.

I hope you are well and having some fun in addition to keeping busy and centered. ~ Namaste, Doug

Dear Oprah,

A few months ago, I had a peak experience in my life. At a friend’s suggestion, I went down to White Sands, NM (about 5 hours from my home in Santa Fe) and attended a full moon yoga retreat with Kripalu yoga teacher, Gloria Drayer.

I have been practicing yoga on and off for several years, but I find so many of the yoga classes in my area emphasize the perfect execution of the postures and young, slim, gumby bodies, which at 57 years of age, I definitely do not have.

Finally, I found a yoga practice that spoke to me, that allowed me to go deep inside myself and access self-love and self-acceptance. I can’t tell you how much this retreat has accepted my life.

And now that Gloria has released her video: Full Moon Yoga, I can recreate this experience – or a totally new one – any time I wish.

I know that Gloria has sent you a copy of her video. On behalf of myself – and what I am sure are legions of women whose souls call out for a spiritual practice that honors them as they are – I urge you to give Gloria’s video a careful viewing.

If you do, I hope that you get to experience the same profound experience that I did.

Yours truly

Laura Feldberg

Hi, Gloria —
and thank you so very much for the DVD. The package arrived
 just as I was getting ready to leave town on business. It occurred to me
 that maybe, just maybe, my laptop could double as a DVD player. What a 
wonderful option to the lousy exercise rooms in most hotels! It also just happened that my travel was around the full moon! What wonderful
 serendipity. Although I wasn’t in a mental/ physical/ spiritual place to act 
on creating a full moon ritual (at least on this trip), the flow was more
 supportive than I imagined. The narration is well-timed to the flow, the
 directions are clear (especially with the added advantage of good camera 
support), and the voice of the narrator is soothing without being “whiny”.
 Several yoga tapes or CD’s that have had great flows have had such a pitch
to the narrator’s voice that I stopped using them.

 Thanks again for advertising in YJ. You really have a knack for putting a 
quality product together. May abundance by yours.
~ Namaste. 
Nancy Corcoran