Gloria Drayer

Gloria Drayer, Albuquerque Yoga instructor…is known for the intuition, empathy and compassion she brings with her role as a certified Kripalu yoga instructor. She focuses her students on the present moment and encourages them to accept themselves as they are. Everyone is encouraged to work at their own comfort level and make the progress they can in a non-competitive environment.

Yoga develops the body, mind and spirit in a compassionate non- judgmental way while honoring your body’s needs in each moment. Gloria offers weekly yoga classes for all levels. Local yoga retreats and workshops covering many areas, including specialty workshops on important life altering topics such as grief, insomnia, weight loss and menopause, are held throughout the year. Also each month, on or around the full moon, she leads a Full Moon Yoga for Women session. When possible, this event is held outside.

Teaching yoga since 1995, she challenges her students to gently go to their edge – breath by breath. She has lived and taught at Kripalu, the country’s largest yoga and holistic health center located in Massachusetts, and currently holds a 500-hour certification with Kripalu and Yoga Alliance. She’s studied the Sri Krishnamacharya tradition in India for a month. Her teacher in New Mexico in this tradition is Sonia Nelson.

Gloria has lead international retreats attended by her students from here in New Mexico and yoga enthusiasts from across the country. Word has gotten out about how wonderful it is to travel the world and practice yoga in fantastic locations – like sunrise at the new “Wonder of the World” Machu Picchu in Peru, during the full moon in a remote rain forest in Costa Rica, under the Tuscan sun, and in beautiful Bali. The groups are generally no larger than 20 people. If the interest is very great, the number of students is not increased, instead additional trips are added.

Gloria is the author of Yoga and Grief: A Compassionate Journey Toward Healing

Gloria is also a certified Shiatsu practitioner. This Japanese form of bodywork is designed to release energy blocks throughout the body. Applying pressure with the hands on certain points of the body allow the body’s energies to flow naturally again.

Natural gourmet cooking is another area of Gloria’s expertise, which she enjoys sharing with her students. She is certified and has led classes at the Natural Gourmet cooking school in New York.