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Full Moon Yoga DVD

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Filmed in the magical environment of White Sands, New Mexico, this inspirational yoga DVD honors and celebrates the goddess within each of us through yoga, ceremony, visualization and meditation. For a more in-depth description of the DVD, see below. Order your DVD today!

Full Moon Yoga at White Sands Part I
Full Moon Yoga at White Sands Part II

DVD Summary

Since ancient times, women have paid tribute to the full moon. They saw the moon as the physical expression of the Goddess and worshipped her in ritual and ceremony. In Full Moon Yoga, Gloria Drayer recreates that experience in a 60-minute yoga practice to honor the Goddess within each one of us. During this inspirational ceremony, women use yogapostures and sounds to affirm their power through their celebration of the moon and the Goddess she represents. Full Moon Yoga is designed to foster individual expression in every practitioner regardless of skill level. Although this DVD was created to honor the moon during her full phase with other women, it is also appropriate to use it during anytime of the month and with any number of participants.

yogajournalreviewReviewed in Yoga Journal May/June 2003 issue. 

Reviewed in LA Yoga March/April 2004 issue.

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